Friday, 10 July 2015

Welsbach revisited

Carl Auer von Welsbach

 studied under Bunsen

I.E. the Bunsen Burner 

found three elements on the periodic table

including the rare earth magnet


 gotta love a Neodymium magnet!

so there is a new an interesting way of using this magnet

in a new and interesting way

the  Submarine pickup

this is so new it hasn't been made in full production.

there are elements to this design that send me off into hyperspace

1. more than two strings (not invented yet)

2. a pickup that embraces strings beyond the E A strings, or in the top register, based on my tuning, C F.

 3. more than two Submarines (invented)

so go to the crowd funding site and have a look around

a simple concept

octave pedals on the lower register submarine

octave pedals on the upper register submarine


 are you confused?

 that is great!

 now go get two.

then add effects two the two pickups. 

plus whatever to the other strings or overall guitar output.

 click here

 I love being involved in a Kick Starter campaign that I endorse

based on mystery.

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