Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mr Davis and his variations on a theme (a part 2 of sorts)

Mervyn Davis

Smooth Talker Guitars

so we have a "shape" to start off with

I'll let the site explain the features of the constant theme


  • Easy left hand access to the top frets on the fingerboard
  • Tone that is totally different from anything else
  • Excellent balance from string to string and note to note
  • Very loud acoustic sound and huge projection
  • Highly restricted feedback when plugged in, even at high volume
so what do you want?

a 13 string harp guitar?

five string nylon string guitar?

a silent guitar?

 a 10 string guitar?

look at the bridge!

an 11 string fanned fret guitar with both nylon and steel strings?

a guitar with a built in mbira?

a banjitar?

 a resonator guitar?

a jazz guitar?

 a nylon string guitar?

a steel string guitar?

 an Ud Tar?

and that is not all of the range!

I am exhausted! simply amazing

for more

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

this is blatant and needs to be documented

when did Ned make one of these?


Tom Fryer alert!

now we have a designer before us who has approached many designs beyond guitar.

so we arrive at a new guitar design

and it is fret less

it is ergonomic

it is glorious.

plus it is of some interest to one of our roving researchers.

Tom Fryer.

 have a look at the video.

then there is the instrument

 I know I am obsessing with the term ergonomic, but the shape suggests this.

 here is the back

 through body with humbuckers

what a sexy profile!

the full story is here

click here

so much to look at!

this may require a couple of posts - part 2

Michihiro Matsuda

I cannot call the previous post sublime, but now we can experience the incredible

I must say that Michihiro has a preoccupation with acoustic, but the electric comes into play

this is the most mysterious ergonomic design I have ever seen. it took me half an hour to find the volume and tone controls.

 then there is this. a strange blend of acoustic and electric

without the unique coping of the upper and lower bout, it could be a bouzouki  - maybe

here is the back

the scallop here is subtle and interesting

then there are the harp guitars. plus the sound holes.

the back looks like an amazing piece of sculpture

sound holes in places beyond my imagination

head stocks configured beyond my imagination

so what was it I said about sound holes? once again, I am confused.

but what a glorious state of confusion to be in.

go get more confused - or inspired

click here 

and get ready to look around.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

the other Mr Davis - part one

this one is a case for the hard basket

how do you appreciate these designs?

let alone the sequel?

I will start with Mervyn Davis Guitars

a great range of new design ideas

ideas that have been conceived since the early 70's

what do you want?

10 string guitar?

tuners pointing in amazing directions. I sense an economy of weight. hence, balance. ergonomics.


you want a nylon string jazz guitar? all the food groups are presented here. plus there are certain curves around the top of neck that I need to look at. let alone the other curves.

want an OUD? what more do you want? maybe contact ALL the designers I have mentioned and get them to make an OUD.  

the body shape of this next one reminds me of Klein acoustics. but the designer has variables well beyond me.  why? how does it sound? it looks jumbo on steroids.

 another variable

what kind of bass is this?

or this? how do I play this? like a dulcimer?

plus it has a base rod

what was that all about? I think tapping.

go have a look around

click here

I can honestly say - I have no idea

I am comfortable with that.

this is awe. not awesome. 

the approach is so overwhelming.

Monday, 27 April 2015

just one of many

maybe there is a balance.

a balance between function and form

there is so much to choose from

and I feel I can only pick one

why? because I am truly overwhelmed by designs!

TMI - too much information!

the new namesake

Tao Guitars

the Tao Guitar


One piece european quartersawn maple with selected rosewood fingerboard and custom « KTS Titanium » truss rod. black transluscent finish.
custom stainless steel or brass « blind » dots.
scale : 24′ 3/4 inch with a 12′ radius.

but look at the shape of the back of the body

Selected mahogany body.

LSR or sperzel tuners.
Ebony bridge with brass saddles.

1 volume, 1 tone CTS pots, 3 way selector mini-switch with custom made ebony knobs.

the curve and the thin body looks light and functional

Glossy urethane for the neck
super thin satin urethane for the body
Washi paper stripe.

an amazing balance between ergonomic and headless ergonomic 

I can honestly say this. this is only the beginning. 

if you go to the link, you will see not only other amazing designs but an outlook on many different philosophies. each design has a unique approach.

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plus don't like them, LOVE them on Facebook!

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the picture of the dynamic duo says madness and awe to me, how cannot you love that?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

the current theme seems to be subtle - and unique

maybe I should proffer a standard caveat about individual designers

and design

the personality of each designer can be radical

but the dominant theme seems to be subtle - and unique

and always practical

this designer is the perfect example.

Jozsi Lak Guitars

The Foxywave

a great joining of some traditional designs and some inspired curves. the upper heel is a new approach to a traditional concept. the shape of the body reminds me of so many designs, but it has its own unique shape.

The Tessa

the body shape looks "electric". gypsy jazz - but not.

 look at the heel, let alone the amazing blend of woods

look at this variation

then look at this paint job!

it seems there is a new approach to the core concept

 ...and then there is this! a parlor guitar? maybe...

and finally, what kind of hole is that? don't you DARE call it f!

this is just an overview. for more

click here

have a look at a lot of variations on these design themes.

and so much more