Tuesday, 22 September 2015

my question is this - are we ready for this?

now I have had a great deal of pause for reflection lately.

wondering how to advance this new guitar design beast.

plus it gives me an excuse for a shameless plug of an awesome invention 

the Nu pickup. here's one

 here's six of them together

to get the full story on what is happening with this wonderous beast

click here

plus go look at the entire history of the development of this amazing pickup.

my question is - are we ready for this?

It is all very well and good that it exists but how have other technologies developed that could enhance this design?

MIDI? standardized in 1983. 32 years ago!

ZIPI? remember that?

click here

looking WAY too far into the future. but not without merit.


click here 

implemented to a point but died a horrible death. I love the fact that someone could make an entire song without a bog standard guitar cable in sight.

the latest USB? I am thinking that I really can't comment on this because we really need to get rid of the MIDI aspect of it.

look at this pickup - in detail. how can we respect this design? 

and move on to the "new" part of new guitar design.

I am so bored by this problem. I have begged the inventor of this pickup to think about guitar synth tracking - and his associates. but what is the standard?

can we advance beyond this?

enough to give an aspirin a headache!

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