Sunday, 14 June 2015

when modern history ends - so does...what? part 1

as far as guitar design goes, who defines new? 

I feel stupid talking about the idea of "new history"

does anyone want to go out on a limb and tell me when old history ended and new history began?

in relation to what?

let me cut to the chase.

people are making reproductions of classic guitars. beat up  like they have been played to death.

is that the equivalent of a civil war re-enactment?

what is the point of a civil war re-enactment?

is anyone going to change the result?

just to see what could happen?

an amazing modern history.

plus the saddest offer of all

anyone want to use these designs?

they are OPEN SOURCE!

with a duty of care

maybe look at this video

 the first question I asked without knowing about a time line was, when was this made?

looks like yesterday. no, strike that, today.

before I go ahead i would like to say that this is not an electric guitar

it is a semi-acoustic guitar. but that is obvious.

this is difficult - read the whole story from the home page

click here 

it is not so much something has ended

it is that a design is still alive and can be advanced.

a genius DIED in this process.

just look around.


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