Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I am confused - and thank the spurious deity in the sky for that.

confused? how?

so many distinctive styles that seem to made by more than one designer

but that is not the case here

Jens Ritter Instruments

and what instruments

shapes and angles appearing in places I could not imagine

the shapes are what I love

a personal identity

that forgets about convention

I can't believe this, after everything I have written.

I am talking about convention

I saw this being played on Letterman

with LED fret markers. it was alive with electricity, and it sounded great.

then there is this

the Isabella Benson tribute

I loved white rabbit by George Benson

I was a big fan of his octaves - for a while

this is a guitar in his collection

when he played electric - with Chet, Lenny and others - he was great.

because he could hold his own.

get excited by the rest

click here 

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