Wednesday, 11 February 2015

a piece of history

I know that this design has been around for a long time.

It needs to be said that there is great merit in being the first

plus going to the website is such an amazing adventure


now I own two of these and I love them to death

I also know someone who owns every one of these.

Including the silver Ebow.

I hate this person. I am filled with an insane jealous rage every time I see it.

and he knows that.

plus I know what you are doing when you put all five in a row with the silver one first. you are just plain annoying.

the thing I love the most is playing it with a slide. plus I have the dual mode Ebow plus that switches to upper register harmonics.

look at these prototypes!

plus people are using them in new ways all the time.

I would be a bit slack if I didn't include a film clip

take some time out of your day and have a look around at the Ebow site

click here


  1. is a website that I developed :)

    1. and more power to you, Barry. It is a great adventure

  2. So I shouldn't send you my photo of all 15 of mine?

  3. I'm putting a few of my silver ones up for sale at some point soon, too...if you know anyone interested.

  4. Hi Vance. It makes sense the this post would have gotten your attention :)

  5. Vance let me know when you want to sell