Thursday, 5 February 2015

an update from one of our friends

someone has been busy

and I am so happy for this

a pathetic excuse to look at sexy guitars

now there is no CNC machine work here

we love CNC at new guitar designs

but there is nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned pre-fabrication

Ali Kat Guitars have updated their website

and added a few designs

based on a motor cycle theme

front - looks like filter trons

back - even painted one of the holy grail of new guitar design materials, carbon fiber

with tail lights!

 Yamaha theme

the gas tank of a hog! look at the controls!

I have no idea if I have featured this design before. what are those pickups? plus it has a bigsby.

then there is this. where does this guy get his parts from?

this is just a short overview!

go to Ali Kat Guitars for the whole story

be sure to check out the videos

click here 

the 57 Chevy Guitar has bite!

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