Monday, 2 February 2015

this changes everything


by Vo Inventions

maybe you should have a look at this

this is just part one

start thinking acoustic synthesizer

as far as parameters go

so I am thinking even harmonics

odd harmonics

a combination of both

note duration so you can control release/decay (we quibble over terms)

add harmonic blending ability

after all that there is discussion of a more "guitar like' sound

hey! wake up! you are on new guitar design! behave accordingly! nowadays I want a guitar to sound more like what I can't imagine. like this design.

then we have harmonic sequencing/arpeggiation

it's the potential of what I really don't understand about this that really excites me.

an (insert name brand sustainer here) on steroids

plus this is early days. I would love to have the ability to change the harmonic sequences

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it's what they haven't built that scares me

click here

as per usual, I have barely scratched the surface




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