Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Claudia and Claudio

Pagelli Guitars

so we have a collaboration between two designers

and we have categories

arch top

plus there is a statement on the home page via introduction

"A while ago, we decided that it was time to feature some new content on this website. But given how we’re a two-person show,  things don’t always happen as quickly as we’d like - there are just always too many fires burning at once!"

the idea that there are too many fires burning at once terrifies me - I used to live in a national forest that was prone to bush fires.

but what the heck, out of the frying pan and into the fire!

so let's go through the food groups


there is a lot to investigate here

the hollow headstock is something I want to talk about further

you have a bridge and tail piece that reminds me of a certain design and I am loathed to say "gypsy" or "jazz"

in my mind, the body suggests "jumbo"

forget symmetry.

look at it

who says the sound hole has to be anywhere but here?

arch top

I would say that this is an expansion on a theme

same shape but with a pickup

having said that - I am at a loss

there is probably a universe of difference


if I call this retro you have full permission to punch my head in. sure, bigsby and pretty standard looking humbuckers. does the shape have a certain function? the finish reminds me of certain lap steel guitars I collect. and they sound awesome.

it looks like a different version of the two previous body shapes.


the whole thing screams ergonomic

where are the strap holders? I see one....

let alone, where are the controls?


 a guitar that has a stone top? let alone, where is the sound hole?

then there is one guitar that can be converted into many guitars.

I am just skimming the surface

the full story

click here

the website is the best monument to so many amazing designs.

and why should I spoil all the fun?

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