Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mr Davis and his variations on a theme (a part 2 of sorts)

Mervyn Davis

Smooth Talker Guitars

so we have a "shape" to start off with

I'll let the site explain the features of the constant theme


  • Easy left hand access to the top frets on the fingerboard
  • Tone that is totally different from anything else
  • Excellent balance from string to string and note to note
  • Very loud acoustic sound and huge projection
  • Highly restricted feedback when plugged in, even at high volume
so what do you want?

a 13 string harp guitar?

five string nylon string guitar?

a silent guitar?

 a 10 string guitar?

look at the bridge!

an 11 string fanned fret guitar with both nylon and steel strings?

a guitar with a built in mbira?

a banjitar?

 a resonator guitar?

a jazz guitar?

 a nylon string guitar?

a steel string guitar?

 an Ud Tar?

and that is not all of the range!

I am exhausted! simply amazing

for more

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