Friday, 6 March 2015

100 posts young

It's been a while, busy dealing with the minutia of life. I was waiting for people to get back to me - and for something special for the 100th post


Cycfi Research Neo Aura

single coil - a phrase that is not entirely accurate because the side wound coils are based around the principles of the humbucking pickup

bottom view

Neo Aura Quad

bottom view

frequency response from 20hz to 20 khz.
ultra quiet. 
active or passive.
both available in 6,7 or 8 string versions. you want more than that? Joel at Cycfi can handle any kind of configuration possible. just submit your query to their wildest imagination department for some custom work.
but this is the best part. the options for wiring and configuration.

resonant filter. 

one knob to control the frequency and another to control the Q. maybe a control voltage could be added to do acid house filter sweeps on a guitar. (actually, forget that. that sound has been so done to death).

 5 way switch with preamp

Intended for use with Neo Aura passive pickups, the integrated preamp gives you the necessary gain and buffering to drive guitar amplifiers as well as line-level inputs.

blend control
now this I like A LOT!  like the sound of the neck neck/middle middle pickups? why not blend in the sound of the bridge pickup? takes that tele sound I loved (when I owned one) and sends it into hyperspace.

add a volume and tone control and we are almost there

everything is of the highest quality and SOLDERLESS!!

there is so much more to talk about here. go to Cycfi and check out the full story

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