Friday, 13 March 2015


now I've tried a few controllers over the years

Casio DG 20 (as strange as it may seem, not too bad)

Stepp DG1 (that was pretty good, but the plucking strings kept breaking)

of course the holy grail was the Synthaxe (few made and you could buy a decent car for the money)

just to name a few

now this one intrigues me

Artiphon Instrument 1

here's the introduction video

probably the most interesting thing is that you have the ability to play more than one note per string. or pad or raised lump string controller thing.

seems velocity and pressure sensitive, too

plus as far as I can see you can play it in so many different ways

two handed tapping

piano like two handed tapping with the unit flat on your lap

configure it so zones become drum pads

violin plucking

you can even bow it with your phone!

hey! get those drummers and violinists out of here! this is new guitar design!

I have two questions that have plagued me since a certain controller came out (that turned out to be awful).

how does it perform doing hammer-ons, pull offs and trills?

can you adjust sensitivity to your own personal playing style?

If it performs these tasks with ease - I am there!

this instrument has generated a lot of interest over the last few weeks. 

go to Artiphon and check out further information regarding their Kickstarter campaign.

click here

technology has moved on a great deal since the controllers I mentioned earlier were made. I think the Instrument 1 could be....the one.

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