Wednesday, 18 March 2015

the love affair continues

ahhh.... carbon fiber

can I love you any more?

I can when I see such beauty in design

Emerald Guitars

let's start with a design feature we all know and love

fanned frets

the X20 9 string

look where the sound hole is!

nothing short of breathtaking!

now here is something to write home about

a pin less bridge! brilliant!

look at curve of the upper bout! inspired!

carbon fiber and wood together. one of many examples

a carbon fiber harp guitar

feeling like you want to go that extra mile and try out some Phil DeGruy inspired madness?

just add some treble harp strings

can't go past this one without looking at it from another angle

this is a small sample of the amazing range of instruments from this designer.

make some time to go have a look at Emerald Guitars.

you will definitely not regret it.

click here

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