Saturday, 7 March 2015

linear tremolo

I have always had a dream. I thought the day would come when this would happen.

12 string with tremolo

but no ordinary tremolo

Don Ramsay - linear tremolo

let's see one in action

that looks like a synth pickup to boot!

the beauty of this design is that the base plate of the tremolo moves in a direction parallel with the body - no pivoting here!

click on this link to see the mechanism in action

click here

can be installed on True Temperament guitars

there are plans to implement piezo systems in the design

the design can be incorporated in fanned fret systems

I love the dual tremolo arms

this design is fantastic

go have a look around at the linear tremolo site - plenty of fun!

click here

now without going into details, Don Ramsay is going through a bit of a rough patch. this design and this designer needs to be preserved - and championed.

I would ask that the readers of new guitar design go to the linear tremolo site and send Don an email, with the following message in the heading - and nothing else.

"take care and get well soon Don, we are here for you,mate.EOM"

what a brilliant piece of design

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