Wednesday, 26 November 2014

body 3

 time to start thinking about materials in relation to guitar bodies

now i am not the type to court controversy, i usually let other people do it for me.

I had been in touch with Matthew Angrove some time ago and i gave him a heads up about the blog

a very personable chap

some time ago he looked at the properties of materials that make up a guitar. By this i read body but the neck is also a part of the guitar

Matthew is a Bachelor of Science honours student and has spent months analysing various guitars and their sounds; after crunching the numbers he has come up with some surprising information.
"I've been testing whether different guitar materials and shapes and seeing if they make any difference to the sound," Matthew says.

The verdict? It doesn't make any difference.

have a listen

i can safely say this, Matthew is an advocate for graphite to build guitars. As am I. The more the merrier

His evidence was published some time ago. I haven't heard of any naysayers since then.

But his research leads to me ask a different question. Not so much the quality of the wood but the density.

A number of guitarists I know have played strats for years. They didn't really care for the wood type, short of going to the music store with some bathroom scales, the lighter the guitar, the better.

I wonder if a study could be done into the merits of "the lighter, the better"?

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