Wednesday, 26 November 2014


maybe i should add a caveat (or two) here. I am not a Luthier. I have worked with Luthiers in making some guitars. Actually ten of them . A Klein copy, a harmonics guitar and the other harmonics guitars i built in collaboration

what is a Klein guitar? An amazing celebration of design called ergonomics.  Makes fatigue a thing of the past because the guitar is so comfortable.

Here is a Rick Canton Klein inspired work

You will see A LOT of this in many design forms. Not just the body, but in the neck as well. Plus variants above and beyond this design.

What is a harmonics guitar? Simply put, a guitar that creates harmonics, or overtones.

 designed by Glenn Branca. Certain elements of this design appear in the instruments of Harry Partch.

Branca link

Partch link 
so, i could say, i have dabbled with some success. The design of the harmonics guitar needs improvement, even after following the instructions to the book.

A Luthier gets instructions, i.e. takes the problems of the player on board,

He uses his experience to solve those problems,

but in solving the problems discovering so much more.

Plus uses his experience to make the best instrument he possibly can.

This blog is an attempt to examine all those variables.

and pretty much - celebrate them.

Hopefully, with good advices. 

Maybe i could offer a caveat upon a caveat here.

The Luither, Builder or Designer has a flash of genius and decides that this is an amazing thing to do.

I hope my overall perspective, documented and examined, will create the framework of something of merit.

plus i got to mention Klein, Canton, Branca and Partch in one blog.


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