Saturday, 29 November 2014

body 8

Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities is not only a lot of fun

It is a timeline of new design ideas

i forgot to mention they are on Facebook

the subject in question is the extended upper heel or horn of a guitar or bass

touching the neck all the way as far as the 12th fret

here's the first hint of this from 1999

a Warrior bass

a Warrior 9 string bass! 

nothing much to kook at so far; the manufacturer is the one I am interested in. I am sure i remember them being the first to design the extended heel.

2004 and the arrival of the Teuffel Tesla

i got an email from Ulrich Teuffel some time ago. He explained;

"The "short" neck, or better, the supported neck of the Tesla gives a guitar a much better attack"

his version of this design goes all the way to the 7th fret.

go to the Teuffel Tesla site for A LOT of information on this instrument. 

now here's not only an instrument, but a builder that blew me away when I first went to their site

Another example from 2004. Extended body, looks chambered, lots of strings and controls. All the food groups.
I will drop them a line soon because of the amount of amazing designs represented 

take some time to look around. Really great

forward to 2006

this manufacturer seems to prefer the extended join at the 12th fret

the question i ask is, are 11 strings enough?

but have a look at their site

lots of good examples.

silly me, a 12 string


nonetheless, another example of an extended heel, headless and fanned fret.

plus if you go to their site, there is some serious building going on.

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