Saturday, 29 November 2014

body 8 update

so we have seen a rudimentary timeline of the extended heel concept. I have posted a photo by this builder earlier, now it's time to show a few recent examples of his work.

Forshage Guitars

here's the guitar I displayed earlier


here's a video of the owner talking about it

interesting how the owner describes reducing the height of the upper bout to accommodate the overall balance. sounds nice!

as a precursor of things to come, here's some of his latest work

for some crazy reason, i can only do this as a link

here's a picture

why a precursor? there are so many designs incorporated in this guitar beyond the body. I am not going to rush ahead. it's hard enough examining bodies right now.

here's another picture of that style of body shape

go say hello on Facebook.  A fine and upstanding human being.

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