Thursday, 27 November 2014

body 4

one of my best friends, way back in the 1800's lent me his Guyatone lap steel guitar.

here is a picture of one with a cat

some say cheap and nasty. To be frank, i was thinking cheap and nasty.

plugged it in and after half an hour, I thought - THIS IS AWESOME!

later on, i discovered a few things

1. the pickups aren't even routed into the body! i have no idea what type of wood it is

2. i got a luthier to put the pickup on a multimeter and they are wound HOT! the height of the pickup is only 3mm but the windings go all the way to the inside of the cover. there could be some merit in that that i might look into later.


3. Ry Cooder puts them in some of his guitars in the neck and he swears by them. can't get enough of them.

have a look

it kind of affirms Matthew Angrove's theory. having said that, every one i have owned is light as a feather.

i have owned 4 yellow ones, including one with more of a Burns style pickup in it and a red one. 

I gave one away to a buddy who helped me a lot.

what i would give for a green one...

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