Wednesday, 26 November 2014

i got a message

 I got a message from Ralph Novak of Novax Guitars

"Don’t forget some of the other earlier “pioneers” like Charles LoBue, Rick Turner, even Dave Bunker"

 first off, i had a look at this site

about an hour later i am still amazed by the number of musicians and designs attributed to this institution.

i always was fascinated with the guitar Lindsey Buckingham used to play

only with the advent of the internet did  i find out who built them

when i first got connected to the internet, this was one of the first sites i found

still doing amazing things today. More research to do!

I will talk in the future about the work of Ralph Novak - his designs will feature heavily here in the future.

But the best thing I can say is I got an email from Ralph Novak!

We're not worthy!

An Elvis of guitar design!

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