Monday, 1 December 2014

body 9

now here's a thing... 

I call it a happy accident.

I am about to display examples regarding the practice of chambered guitars, then this comes along.

Forshage Orion X

before i go crazy about this instrument, maybe i should talk about what information I have gleaned about chambered guitars

I found this article 

it appears there is a history. I tip my hat to Matthew Angrove to get me thinking. at one point, in the late 60's wood started getting heavier. It may have been good quality wood but it was a lot less lighter than woods from the past.

hence the need to rout the interior of the body.

I used to own a hollow body Rickenbacker guitar. loved it to death. but at certain volumes, it was useless. there was a point where, in combination with certain amplifiers, a certain harmonic would resonate upon itself.

i don't play that loud nowadays.

a lot of things have happened since then.

one example that jumped out to me is this.

Is this a semi acoustic guitar?

the microphone, to me, is placed in a very interesting position. It amplifies the resonances of the body but also the sound of the strings - acoustically.

so we have at least three variables

pickup sound

resonant sound

string amplified sound

and by looking at the knobs on this guitar

blending sound sources for the player to examine.

plus there is a synth pickup.

It is a Tim Miller guitar, made by Rick Canton

here's the link 

there are great examples of "types" of guitars but there are amazing examples beyond this ideal.

this is one of them.


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