Thursday, 23 April 2015

the current theme seems to be subtle - and unique

maybe I should proffer a standard caveat about individual designers

and design

the personality of each designer can be radical

but the dominant theme seems to be subtle - and unique

and always practical

this designer is the perfect example.

Jozsi Lak Guitars

The Foxywave

a great joining of some traditional designs and some inspired curves. the upper heel is a new approach to a traditional concept. the shape of the body reminds me of so many designs, but it has its own unique shape.

The Tessa

the body shape looks "electric". gypsy jazz - but not.

 look at the heel, let alone the amazing blend of woods

look at this variation

then look at this paint job!

it seems there is a new approach to the core concept

 ...and then there is this! a parlor guitar? maybe...

and finally, what kind of hole is that? don't you DARE call it f!

this is just an overview. for more

click here

have a look at a lot of variations on these design themes.

and so much more

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