Friday, 17 April 2015

where are you going?

the eternal dilemma and jealous views from other guitarists

why can't I take my guitar on a plane?

then along comes an awesome instrument that is the very best of new guitar design

and it is carbon fiber

Journey Instruments 

Carbon Fiber – OF660

the idea of having the sound hole in the upper bout is so logical

the curve of the rear upper half of the body  looks comfortable but that is not the only ergonomic inclusion.

neck detached and ready to be packed away.

the  cutaway of the upper heel is an idea long overdue and has been included on a few recent posts.

all packed away and ready to travel

 look at the angle of the upper half of the body. another fine example of comfort in design

 the cutaway is a scoop for upper access to the frets

this is just one of many fine guitars from Journey Instruments 

go to the link below and look around. the travel guitars are fantastic

click here

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