Saturday, 18 April 2015

the shock of the new - from over four decades ago

I remember seeing an ad in guitar player many years ago.

it was like aliens from outer space had landed and delivered the instrument of the future

the Gittler Guitar

then I saw the Police music video some time in the 80's and Andy Summers playing the axe from outer space.

I told my former guitar teacher that Andy was playing a Gittler guitar and he looked at me like I had lost my mind. he said it was a prop.

it wasn't until I got on the internet and found the picture of the instrument in the Smithsonian - still shrouded in mystery. 

then, some time later came a website paying tribute to  the inventor Avraham Bar Rashi, formerly  Allan Gittler. finally I have the whole story, and what an amazing story it was!

musician, inventor, film maker and of course designer of one of the most amazing guitars I have ever seen. 

then 2 years ago came the news that Gittler was back. and the design had been enhanced in so many ways.

built of titanium instead of aluminum
13 pin output for synth access
the LED fret markers are inspired

the strap holder looks egonomic

there is a breakout box that powers the LEDs, synth and guitar outputs

and the Gittler guard for those who miss a "neck"

this is a mere introduction to the Gittler Instruments story. for more information, go to the link below

click here

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