Tuesday, 28 April 2015

the other Mr Davis - part one

this one is a case for the hard basket

how do you appreciate these designs?

let alone the sequel?

I will start with Mervyn Davis Guitars

a great range of new design ideas

ideas that have been conceived since the early 70's

what do you want?

10 string guitar?

tuners pointing in amazing directions. I sense an economy of weight. hence, balance. ergonomics.


you want a nylon string jazz guitar? all the food groups are presented here. plus there are certain curves around the top of neck that I need to look at. let alone the other curves.

want an OUD? what more do you want? maybe contact ALL the designers I have mentioned and get them to make an OUD.  

the body shape of this next one reminds me of Klein acoustics. but the designer has variables well beyond me.  why? how does it sound? it looks jumbo on steroids.

 another variable

what kind of bass is this?

or this? how do I play this? like a dulcimer?

plus it has a base rod

what was that all about? I think tapping.

go have a look around

click here

I can honestly say - I have no idea

I am comfortable with that.

this is awe. not awesome. 

the approach is so overwhelming.

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