Wednesday, 15 April 2015

where did this come from?

now I hate using the word traditional because if you look at ALL of the guitars and ALL of the designs, a lot of subtle features are inspired

but something caught my eye

for the regulars, and I can hear you groaning now...

carbon fiber!

have I told you that I love carbon fiber?

this comes like a bolt out of the blue

 Letain Guitars


look at the curves on the back. ergonomics on steroids! I love it!

Jeff from Letain sent me the specs

Old growth red cedar unibody core

Carbon fiber clad back neck & sides

Zebra-wood top

Sperzel locking tuners

Floyd Rose tremolo bridge

Letain signature mother of pearl signature inlay fret markers

Seymour Duncan P-90 pickups

1 3/4 " bone nut

25" scale

Ebony Fret board

Les Paul electric set up

 I know I am showing my bias, but go have a look at Letain Instruments website. There are a lot of great designs.

besides carbon fiber

click here

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