Monday, 6 April 2015

two fine examples...of many

maybe you should click on this link first and have a look around

click here

so much to look at!

sound holes all over the place

fanned frets akimbo

subtle tributes to some historic guitars in many of the designs

RT Custom Guitars

really fantastic

but let's have a look at two - of so many

no model names, just great guitars

first off, I love the contour of the upper heel for arm comfort

sound hole in an interesting place

the pick guard looks so beautiful, I'd be too afraid to scratch it!

look at the placement of the tuners

 wait a minute? is that another sound hole? volume and tone controls in such a logical place

and finally - headless. we love headless.

next up is a guitar I might print out the pictures and pin them up on the board at work. nothing short of stunning.

the depth of the body looks chunky and comfortable

the slant of the body has a Pagelli vibe to it. fanned frets are becoming the norm. and why not? it is a genius idea

look at those tuners

look at the finish on the back.

I have already given you the photo link but if you have any questions for the owner, Roy, drop him a line. here is a link to his site.

click here

from what little correspondence I have had, Roy is a thorough gentleman.

but look at all the guitars!

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