Wednesday, 29 April 2015

this may require a couple of posts - part 2

Michihiro Matsuda

I cannot call the previous post sublime, but now we can experience the incredible

I must say that Michihiro has a preoccupation with acoustic, but the electric comes into play

this is the most mysterious ergonomic design I have ever seen. it took me half an hour to find the volume and tone controls.

 then there is this. a strange blend of acoustic and electric

without the unique coping of the upper and lower bout, it could be a bouzouki  - maybe

here is the back

the scallop here is subtle and interesting

then there are the harp guitars. plus the sound holes.

the back looks like an amazing piece of sculpture

sound holes in places beyond my imagination

head stocks configured beyond my imagination

so what was it I said about sound holes? once again, I am confused.

but what a glorious state of confusion to be in.

go get more confused - or inspired

click here 

and get ready to look around.

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