Monday, 20 April 2015

no need to beware of Mr Baker!

now I hate saying this because aspects of what this designer does is far from "traditional".

here's a quiz - find the guitar that has a cutaway but does not look like a cutaway.

look at the gallery

look at the blog

look at Pinterest.

there are things I have never seen before

so what, or even who I am talking about?

Victor Baker Guitars

and a focus on a few fine instruments

ergonomic with a j custom bridge

plus an insert that change the density of the guitar

I literally have no idea behind the concept of the 9 volt battery - but I can use my imagination.

look at the neck join

then there is this

ergonomic and minimal

 Steinberger gear less tuners

look at the back

 look at the placement of the output

 look at the binding!

that is awesome!

plus there is a blog on a prototype

looks like a Rickenbacker on steroids.

so here is the challenge




find the specific question and find A LOT of amazing design.

take a whole heap of time to look around

the subtle will astound you

click here 

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