Friday, 3 April 2015


it was like it was right in front of me, I was staring right at it but I completely ignored it.

the plectrum!

the one tool pivotal to playing guitar (if you use them)

so one of the first new guitar pick designs I observed blew me away.


let's look at a few videos

introduction video

simple holding demonstration

 the principle is that it reduces the force required to hold the pick, or reducing the focus of holding the guitar pick, making it more comfortable to play. that word we worship here at new guitar design - ERGONOMIC.

they come in four gauges





I might get some 1.40MM picks because I have been a 2.00MM man from way back.

they have starter packs with a money back guarantee.

the picks are made out of delrin but if they really wanted to romance me they could make them out of carbon fiber. one day I will see a time when everything is made out of carbon fiber. mobile phones, sunglasses, deck chairs,kitchen utensils.

did I mention that I adore carbon fiber?
all the details can be found on their web page, with lots to read up on and more videos

click here

plus they have a Facebook page

click here 

the proof of the pudding is in the tasting so when my picks arrive, get ready for some video research.

but so far, this looks like an elegant piece of design.

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