Monday, 13 April 2015

this was in the post for some time...

GUS  guitars

look at this, the G1 Midi

from the site

The G1 MIDI is our flagship model featuring a full complement of Gus hardware and electrics along with 13 pin access, courtesy of its RMC Piezo pickups and Polydrive system. 

what I love and what confuses me is - where?

I can see the guitar input jack and I can see the 13 pin access. plus there are the piezo "wires"

I can also see something that doesn't confuse me. It mesmerizes me.

Carbon Fiber - the logical material for guitars of the future.

lipstick pickups in a humbucker configuration

this is design in free fall - like a base jumper.

the thrill of this design is all there.

a LOT of this is proprietary - if not all

GUS makes the lot.

it also makes me think

look at the tremolo

like a Kubicki bass

but not - this is truly unique guitar design

go have a look around

click here 

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