Thursday, 11 December 2014

body revisited (with a bit of neck and bridge)

here's the first of two manufacturers that i have got in contact with

they have approaches that are the same and yet - not.

as far as i can tell there a things of merit all around


look at this diagram

click here

look at this guitar

i think i am in love

so what are we looking at here?

pickups and a Bigsby tremolo.

a piezo bridge

so we have three of the food groups

acoustic sounds and an output jack that could send signals to a guitar synth.

pitch bending

but moreover, we are looking at a hollow body guitar. 

reading the theories of the company, i have gleaned a few insights

click here 

the idea that something is lighter, based on what i have read, is the opposite of my thinking.

but as i read, there is a desire to strike a balance.

plus they offer infinite sustain!

i am going to have to do some thinking....

the other thing i am pondering over is that they use carbon fiber for their necks 

and then i read they have mahogany chambers in the body with removable inserts.

this is doing my head in. expect a sequel to this post

then there is the matter of the two types of aluminium

Quoting Alumisonic

"Our Ultra-1100 series guitar bodies are fabricated from a combination of both 6061-T6 and 1100 aluminum"

these statements are the whole point of this blog

the questions are more important than the answers 

as I am thinking

go to Alumisonic and have a look around.

click here


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