Wednesday, 10 December 2014

bridge 4

the 80's

guitarists with big hair

guitars with insanely thin necks

and insanely big frets

and the one device that changed everything- the Floyd Rose tremolo

replacing the nut with a locking nut

designing the tremolo so it had fine tuners behind the string clamps

all those ball ends being chopped off the ends of strings all over the world

the one guitarist that spun my head around

 Eddie Van Halen

a new term came into the guitarists lexicon - the dive bomb

you could release the tension on the strings to the point of them being
completely loose. bring it back up and the guitar would be in tune.

when i first got a guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo, i cranked up the distortion, plucked harmonics all around the pickup area and dive bombed - for hours. until the neighbors called the relevant authorities 

check the video for a demonstation


not only could you bend down, guitars began to be routed with a recess so you could bend up. great news for string manufacturers all over the world. my preference was breaking the high E string. one time i went through four in a day. brutal
click below for a detailed schematic

Floyd Rose schematic

the Floyd rose company 

click here for an article about Floyd Rose

the man
click here for an article about the company

the company

 there is a lot to look at on the Floyd Rose site, so why not have a look around?


the amazing thing about this device is that not only has it been extended to 7 and 8 string guitars, there are models made from different materials and spring blocks made from brass to tungsten.

what i love is that  Floyd has never stopped. He has refined the device constantly since it's conception

plus have a look at the new FRX tremolo, as discussed in the previous post bridge 1

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