Tuesday, 23 December 2014

controls/electronics 1

I feel somewhat remiss because I have had a chat with Saul Koll some time ago.

this could be one of the best excuses to talk about body shapes.

but also about players that ripped my head off when I first heard them.

of course, there is the topic.

controls and related electronics.

look at this.

The Conipulator.

look at this video

one of my true guitar heroes. David Torn. not only has he put out an amazing array of solo albums, he has toured with and produced Bill Bruford and has produced one of the greatest Jeff Beck albums ever - Jeff.

as per the video, the Conipulator has an inbuilt speaker connected to a momentary switch that ENCOURAGES feedback, a switch that generates a sixty cycle hum that reacts to string pitch and a switch that turns recordings going INTO the guitar ON.

Coupled with David Torn's real time sampling skills, there is one recording I can recommend

Prezens - track one alone.

Blues for the year 8 million.

Now the feedback and the audio input may be inspired, the sixty cycle hum appears in another instrument

The Teuffel Tesla

let's have a look at the first build by Saul Koll for David Torn

The Tornado

the three buttons and the speaker

now I have to show you another guitar and it's player.

a fanned fret version of the Koll RE7 and Elliott Sharp

let's look at some pictures some other versions

one fanned fret - one not

but seven string/ergonomic/hollow body

I got a Carbon album by Elliott Sharp some years ago and it made me think about not only different tunings but insane tunings. about an insane approach to those tunings
plus he has this blues project called Terraplane. 

confront yourself with sound. I did and I loved it

go to the Koll Guitars website

click here

both traditional and modern players and traditional and modern design.

I really wanted to start this topic with a blast.

as much as I admire the device and the player, this goes way beyond the momentary kill switch of Buckethead.

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