Saturday, 20 December 2014

bridge 10

we have nearly come to the end of the bridge section and technology 4 musicians just got back to me.

time for some detailed pictures

here is the tremolo bridge to die for!

can be used for fanned fret guitars. i love this a lot. plus i love the notice on the photo, "to be updated". for an individual looking at new guitar design, those are the sweetest words ever spoken.

so how are the strings clamped at the other end?

the individual pieces are clamped with a screw and the string is held down with an Allen thread. It looks elegant when in action. As in this Michael Sankey guitar.

look at that. nothing short of stunning.

T4M also make two non tremolo versions

one with a base plate

and individual units directly mounted

but one of the most impressive things about this designer is that they have constructed a replica of the Steinberger GL guitar. As a tribute to the instrument that changed their way of thinking

and they made it not only using their products but entirely out of aluminum! brilliant.

the T4M site has provided me with a great deal of materials, links to builders and insights into what is possible.'

go to their site and be sure and click on gallery to see many guitar designs

i would personally like to thank Alberto at T4M for his kind words

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