Thursday, 25 December 2014

controls/electronics 4


here we go.

I have had my head turned around 3600 degrees in the last month and I crave new guitar design

there is so much I can say, and will say in the future, about this builder and, of course, his designs

maybe I should mention the two previous topics - body and bridge

so much needs to be covered

let's start with this

Myka Guitars

2011 Custom Scorpion

electric guitar, fair enough. fanned fret, semi acoustic, scalloped fretboard and eight strings. I think I can see an output or two, but where are the controls?

you'd better sit down

so on six strings we have piezo midi going to a hex output and a two way switch for patch selection.
the eight string pickup is split 6 electric and 2 bass. with outputs and volume/tone controls for both.
The one thing I need good advices on is the 5 way switch. too many possibilities to comment on.

quoting sponge bob square pants "I'm so happy, I can't feel my legs"

breathtaking. controls at the closest possible access point for the player. amazing thinking

so you want pickup switching options? I knew something like this would happen and I was a silly to open my big mouth about it.

2010 Myka Electric Black

controls close up

signal path

Concentric Volume and Tone, 3-way per pickup, plus Master Volume

    Switching: 5-way:
        1. Neck
        2. Neck and Bridge in parallel
        3. Neck and Bridge in series
        4. Neck and Bridge out of phase
        5. Bridge

    Switching: 3-way Middle Pickup:
        1. Add Middle
        2. Middle Bypass
        3. Middle Blower

     3-way for each pickup:
        1. HB series
        2. Coil tap
        3. HB parallel

     Tone 3-way for each pickup:
        1. Custom Cap-1
        2. Tone bypass
        3. Custom Cap-2

    Additional Switching: Bridge pickup blower

so you want switching options? plus it has a bridge blower. whatever you have set up on the guitar amidst the HUNDREDS of options you have in any other position, this switch goes straight to the bridge pickup.

had enough?

now this is a body topic but, don't worry, lots of electronics here.

2012 Custom Ergonomic Baritone Electric



quoting Myka,

"In a seated position the adjustable foot allows the guitar to be propped up into your preferred playing angle and it will stay there when you take your hands away to operate a keyboard or mouse"


imagine if the previous guitar had a hex pickup on it. too much information!!

to give these guitars justice. here are the page links to each 

2011 Custom Scorpion

click here 

2010 Myka Electric Black

click here 

2012 Custom Ergonomic Baritone Electric

click here

the Myka Guitars home page

click here 

I have only covered three of many great instruments and designs. there is so much more. you will love it.

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