Sunday, 28 December 2014

bridge 12

I can remember the first time I saw the original Steinberger bass. headless and had that balancing wing. looked like something from outer space. then came the guitars and then a tremolo that would become a coveted item throughout the land

the Trans Trem

now this is a very fortunate situation because we have an image of the latest incarnation of this tremolo arm

actually, we have two

not only could it transpose all strings up (F# and G) but down as well (D C and B)

as well as make some interesting pedal steel effects whilst bending and holding down a chord  

the bodies of the original guitars were made from carbon fiber and featured no truss rod. the no truss rod idea sent the head of your average guitar player spinning like a top. I admit that I had a hard time coming to terms with it myself

then I played a six string GL with Trans Trem and all my doubts disappeared. another thing that really impressed me was the on off switches for the pickups. so you could have each individual, bridge and middle, neck and middle, bridge and neck or all on at once. never experienced all on at once before and it really was versatile.

the thing I love about Ned Steinberger is that he has never rested on his hands. never stood still in the field of design

go have a look at what Ned is doing now and read up on the history of this amazing designer

NS Design

click here

thank you to NS design for providing me with these images.

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