Sunday, 14 December 2014

bridge 6

a tale of three bridges, all from the same designer

The EGS Fixed Bridge by Strandberg Guitars

light and has the ability to accommodate fanned fret necks

what i love is the simplicity of the form.

next.  not so much another bridge but a monument of attention to detail.

nothing much to see here? there are piezo transducers fitted in each individual bridge!

read the whole story 


taking the individual bridge piece one step further

put them all on a base plate and a fulcrum either side

once again, extremely light and elegant 

how does it work?

very well by the look of it

how do you lock the strings at the other end? Ola has a great approach to this.

once again minimal and elegant

let's have a look at some schematic drawings

fixed bridge

fanned fret fixed bridge



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