Friday, 19 December 2014

bridge 9

a tale of two bridges

one that reminds me of something I did some time ago

GNG guitars from Italy

go look around at the fantastic instruments they have built.

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I lost one of the Allen key screws for the locking nut of my Floyd Rose. As an experiment I removed all the locking nuts. Strangely enough, the pitch drift wasn't all that bad. Even after a dive bomb or seven. Maybe it is a testament to the quality of the tremolo system - a precision instrument. Look at the guitar above. Fanned fret, Floyd Rose and no locking nuts. I am sure the owner of GNG, Giulio, would have put some serious thinking into this guitar before building it.

having said that, look at this......

10 string and fanned fret. Has a dual lower bout for assorted leg positions. There is some serious balance design implemented in the construction of this instrument. has the T4M bridge system.

plus it is AMAZING!

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