Tuesday, 9 December 2014

bridge 3

i have a dream...
a bridge that has a piezo pickup

no sorry cross that out

a bridge that can trigger synthesizers

(without that pesky latency, or delay problem)

play acoustic sounds without that harsh piezo "spike" of the past

it is a tremolo bridge

and it has been installed on a fanned fret guitar

calling these attempts does no justice to the efforts of the builders.

but thank the invisible man in the sky - they tried

a Klein guitar with an Steinberger S style tremolo

here's some examples from the Novax guitars site

can somebody get these cats out of here?

and here it is. fanned fret. tremolo. piezo.

keep in mind, i have never played these guitars.

but they come very close to solving my specific dilemma in the field of new design and the bridge.

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