Wednesday, 24 December 2014

controls/electronics 3

did I say that the controls and or electronics actually had to be IN the guitar?

look at this

using MAX/MSP, Robert here is adding effects to his guitar with a Wii remote

what is MAX/MSP?

the best way I could describe it that it is an sonic manipulation environment. you bring modules together to control other modules, via your sequencer or even on it's own to manipulate sound. of course, as seen here, it can connect to a wireless controller amongst a myriad of things.

i love how the movement of the player changes the sound. I wonder if Leon Theremin had this in mind for future projects.

want to know about MAX/MSP?

go to the Cycling 74 site

there will be more on this topic soon, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a quick video demonstration of what is not only possible, but available.

with some software, a guitar and a Wii remote

thanks to Robert for allowing me to share

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