Thursday, 18 December 2014

bridge 7

one builder (actually two) and a lot of designs

Nugz Blacky website

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let's take a look at the first guitar on their website. Moreover, the tremolo

In recent years someone has been manufacturing Steinberger "S" Tremolo bridges again under the brand J Custom. Some great designs never die

the best feature of the tremolo is that it has a string lock. Break a string and snap the lock into place and you can go on playing - in tune.

the next bridge of interest is a device I found out about many years ago

A variant on the Strandberg design, by the German manufacturer ABM. An individual bridge for each string, mounted to the body.

ABM site

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they make a lot of parts for headless guitars and they are constantly improving their designs

now onto guitar number 3

 headless? yes. 7 string? indeed. tremolo? of course.

this bridge, in another configuration, goes a great way to achieving my ideal design. I haven't heard from the manufacturer but it is well worth your while to go to their site. This bridge is the subject of the next blog.


go to the gallery section  

prepare to be blown away.

is there such a thing as a "standard" Nugz Blacky guitar? I hope not. Each guitar seems to embrace difference. look at the specs for each instrument. Electronics, pickups, bridges, necks and bodies. Nothing standard there.

Really great.