Monday, 29 December 2014

controls/electronics 5

so the guitar sound can be controlled via the use of computer software. if you see an earlier post, that is a fact but that was some time ago, what has happened since then?

maybe the question that needs to be asked is, what is happening now?

Livid Guitar Wing controller

works with its own software or in conjunction with your sequencer via Bluetooth. does all the things in the Wii video I posted earlier but so much more.

what I love about this device is the potential of it.

not just dumb filter sweeps but you can assign it to sequencer functions or external effects

those glorious words, "open ended"

I learnt tabla for many years and the first thing I thought about is using the pads to alter the tone/pitch/whatever rhythmically.

with an emphasis on whatever

go to the Livid site but moreover, have a look at their Youtube page for more information than I could possibly impart in this blog.

click here 

meanwhile here's a short video introduction

a lot of established ideas about playing the guitar have now become redundant

and it's about time.

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