Tuesday, 30 December 2014

don't try this at home?

now what we have before us is a design house

a deluge of designs without fear or favor.

that statement reflects the goal of this blog - to look at new guitar designs without fear or favor. whatever makes the guitar function in new ways, either in manufacture or playing, is the goal.

Obstructures. I know the topic is guitars but they do so much more

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having said that...

new guitar design in no way endorses having a guitar run over by a car or being set on fire

still, pretty good point as far as durability goes

but let's have a look at one of their instruments
0.750b Machined Aluminum Electric Guitar

I love the minimal nature of this instrument. neck through construction, volume and tone controls are in a unique place and the fretboard looks dead flat. Infinite radius - my favorite kind of radius.

one solid block of aluminum

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on the subject of durability

Rick Toone displaying a thin but durable neck. try doing this with a wooden neck.

why aren't there more builders or designers embracing materials other than wood? It seems so obvious to me that you are going to get a precision instrument that is immune to so many environmental issues.

like getting run over by a car.....

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