Sunday, 21 December 2014

here's a thought

some time ago I got jumbo frets installed on my Steinberger GL hard tail. I was sure one happy camper. the buzz about at that time was stainless steel frets. I suggested that in the future I would like them installed on all my guitars.

after a few expletives the technician in question flatly stated "after all the trouble i went to dressing the frets on your Steinberger, there is NO WAY I am going to put stainless steel ones in!"

everybody calm down, I have known this cranky chap for some time, so the marriage isn't over just yet.

but even in these early days, this goes to the heart of the POINT of this blog

new guitar design - meaning?

1. the latest and the best materials available to a builder
2. the number of variables available to a builder in the form of devices used in various aspects of this thing we call a guitar
3. the ability to re-examine the form and function of a guitar
4. it has been pointed out to me that with the technology today, be it the drawing tools or the machine tools we can build instruments with an accuracy down to the micron.
5. and finally, with the technology at our disposal, we can automate certain practices. a Plek fret dressing machine comes to mind

maybe i should put an addendum on point 5

incorporating design features that completely AVOID or do away with guitar design practices that frankly, have become redundant

there is one thing that comes to mind but I am not going there until we start talking about fret boards.

so hang in there, the best is yet to come

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