Wednesday, 24 December 2014

controls/electronics 2

so in this brave new world where I think I want all the oysters ( I never understood that phrase "the world is your oyster", I can think of plenty of other things I want the world to be besides oysters, especially if it were mine)

what controls and switching systems would I want for my dreams to come true?

I am a humbucker/single coil/humbucker person, but that is sort of wrong because my middle pickup, although it may be small, is actually a dual bladed humbucker. gives a middle position Strat tone without all the hum.

on my other electric I have a guitar synthesizer pickup. I can hear the groans now but this is new guitar design land and I make the rules! pay attention!

let's stop for a photo break. 3 Conklin guitars

quoting the web page
"We developed this 7 channel stereo panning system in 1992 which enabled the player to pan each string anywhere in the stereo spectrum for wicked effects on stage or in the studio"

a guitar going through seven amps on stage. this is beyond my wildest dreams. maybe set the speakers up for 7.1 surround mode.

mow more of this later but note the date. 1992. 

next up, quoting the web page once again

"Sidewinder 8 string guitar; this one a solid body from 98, with fanned frets, a hand-milled compensated tremolo, piezo pickups and on-board MIDI electronics"

 so we have a few options here. 

electric guitar sound
piezo acoustic sound
guitar synth sound

plus featuring fanned frets and a tremolo. this is the ultimate goal.

plus they made a hollow body 8 string version

made in 2000. it makes me think about how we have advanced in the last decade. hmm....

it is not lost on me, but look at all the volume and tone controls. let alone the switching system

now if I asked them, I am sure that Conklin could add switching for pickup configurations like series, parallel and series/parallel

but until I am given the tools, here is my goal

five way pickup switch
a three way switch that selects synth only, guitar only or both synth and guitar
one guitar volume pot
one guitar tone pot
one synth volume pot
one guitar output jack
one synth guitar output cable

plus one extra switch. a throwback to my telecaster days

the ability to select the bridge and neck pickups in parallel, removing the middle pickup from the signal path altogether

is that enough of a palette for the new guitar design aspirant at this point?

maybe I am wrong. could be a glorious mistake. I had some series/parallel switching systems put on my guitar. didn't work for me, not to say that I wouldn't look at again in the future. when i got some new pickups with a humbucker/humbucker(sic)/humbucker set up on my guitar, I was happy. the two humbuckers have coil taps on them to give single coil tones.

it works for me

maybe reducing things to a minimal function is of merit.

don't know about Conklin guitars?

click here and have a look around

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