Monday, 26 January 2015

a universe of sound

where do I start?


first off

Pickup Director Standard

for instruments fitted with 3 single coil pickups

allows up to 23 different Series, Parallel, Series/Parallel and In Phase/Out of Phase pickup combinations

Pickup Director Deluxe

for instruments with 2 humbucking pickups or 4 single coils. supports: (H/S/S), (H/H) or (S/S/S/S) type guitars.

allows up to 49 different series, parallel, series/parallel and In phase/out of phase pickup combinations on board. programmable from over 80+ total pickup combinations with pickup composer software application and optional AMBROSONICS cable and connection kit.

let's see this in action with Mr Ambrosino himself!

what I love about this design is whatever combination you have chosen, it is stored in memory in relation to your 5 way switch!

so that isn't enough for you? still want more?

HD Hybrid Analog/DSP-45 Preamp Board

an on-board guitar or bass preamp system with HD Audio and 24 Bit digital signal processing effects. The HD DSP guitar preamp has fabulous sounds and is a high quality product designed and made in the USA. It features 15 DSP Effects, stereo headphone outputs and optional iPOD inputs. A mini toggle, 3-position switch provides clean, analog distortion 1 and analog distortion 2 allowing for 45 different sounds. The analog distortion levels and DSP effects levels are also under your control! The preamp has a true by-pass switch for a passive non-preamp mode of operation. There is no 9 volt battery required in by-pass mode.

DSP Effects: Stereo Chours with Reverb, Deep Hall Reverbs, Delay 1, Delay 2, Room Reverbs, Tank Reverb, Vintage Reverb, Stereo Chours, Flanger, Slight Lesley and others. 

 Distortion Modes: Real Analog Distortion 1, Deeper Analog Distortion 2

here is the man again.

surely you must be more than happy now?

you want what? 

pots that glow in the dark? well they have them covered too!

surely that is enough

I feel confident in saying I have barely scratched the surface here

there is so much information to keep you busy for hours

go have a look at Ambrosonics

click here

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