Sunday, 4 January 2015

neck 1

brace yourselves - clamp yourselves?

carpal tunnel syndrome. words that should evoke fear in the heart of any musician

almost destroyed the career of many a fine player. there was a point where Keith Emerson would never have played again.

so what can be done?

the first thing I ever saw on the internet, in regards to this, was this company called Little Guitar Works.

Little named after the owner - not little thoughts or ideas.

a truly inspired piece of design

nothing much to look at here, eh?

not so fast. let's look at it from another angle

The Torzal Twist

there is a twist in the neck to align the players' hand to a comfortable position. even the body "flows" with the twist. I feel relaxed just looking at it.

they've retrofitted a Klein guitar with a Torzal neck

a great marriage seeing the Klein is so ergonomic from the word go.

I have a memory that they even made a fanned fret bass with a Torzal Twist.

now there is A LOT more to look at when you go to the Little Guitar Works site, especially in the news section

click here

plus it looks like there is no job they won't take on. that is something I always love to see.

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