Thursday, 8 January 2015

neck 5

I always thought it was funny when older men picked up my guitars and looked down the fretboard with some kind of authoritative precision to see how straight the neck was. even back then I thought, someday this style of design will be so old

in what ways?

1. truss rods. throw them in the bin. using modern bracing materials (carbon fiber, titanium, whatever) and precision machining, even using wood that neck is moving nowhere

2. neck relief - a strange myth (maybe unless you are a slide player)

the strange thing is we need so little of it. plus there is a new design that disposes of the whole bend the neck with a truss rod concept.

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here's a series of three articles written on the subject

just his opinion but I am going with the author

part 1 click here

part 2 click here

part 3 click here

so you want an example?

where is the truss rod?

that must be the fret board - where is the back of the neck?


you want proof of the stability of this neck?

oh, the poetry of it

the "headstock" doubles as a BOTTLE OPENER!!!!

I hate talking in capitals because it makes me sound like an angry kooky person

want to know more?

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