Thursday, 1 January 2015

frets/tretboard 5

ah, another excuse to display beautiful and amazing instruments.

a lot has happened in 25 years and there are different approaches to the fanned fret system

Michael Sankey Tortoise

notice the angle of the zero fret and the angle of the bridge are not as extreme as seen in other instruments

but look where the tuners are!

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now I have been looking for an excuse to display this instrument

Michael Sankey Rippling Brook

fanned fret? yes.

ergonomic? yes

but how ergonomic?

have a look at this

the lower half of the guitar is huge! ultimate playing position is guaranteed

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next up, Nugz Blacky Brutus 8

fanned fret with an even zero fret but fanning towards the player

just go look at all Nugz Blacky guitars

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Myka Guitars 2014 Custom Semi-Hollow

look at the angle of the nut and the angle of the bridge. even up to the 12th fret, the fanning is not all that extreme so I am thinking playability

semi acoustic?

where's the sound hole?

projecting towards the player. fantastic.

the guitar can be found here

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what next?

Strandberg Boden 8

I am thinking that with the neck at the right angle, the fan fret system actually compliments the hand position of the player

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